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The top three best actions to put on that cute girl so she can always be your significant other
3. study the youth and their use of “humor” that you see on your facebook wall, she will love it, she’ll swoon to you in ten seconds flat at the most
2. consume lots of potassium, eat lots of bananas, you gotta equal your potassium intake with her and have equal acid-base balance
1. cut hair short, spike hair up; she loves the short spiked hair that she pretends is on the top of your head

情報デスクVirtual - 「wkpx ceephax ‘81」 新しい年 “spring blooms”

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The ringtone on my old flip phone was just a computerized text-to-speech voice repeating “you can get really good deals at the dollar store, everything costs a dollar there” to you over and over, and that still stands true today

Pretty in #ff69b4


i love :) more than any emoji or emoticon its so nice